• There's no better time than a party to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with a bright lipstick or a new eyeshadow technique. Whatever your cause célèbre may be, why not draw some inspiration from these 10 perfectly party-ready celebrity makeup looks?

    Keira Knightley
    For a classy affair, look no further than Keira's crimson lips and dramatic, doe-eyed liner. Using brown rather than black around the eyes keeps a dark look from appearing too heavy-handed, especially when paired with an equally bold lip color—just add a little black dress and go.

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  • Shailene Woodley
    The earthy star's flattering, no-fuss makeup may be understated, but if you, like Shailene, err on the side of low-maintenance, a bit of mascara, brow gel, and a complementary eyeshadow (purple looks great with the actress's hazel eyes) make all the impact you need. Brush brows upward for fullness, and don't forget to wiggle your mascara brush deep into the roots of lashes to create lasting definition without clumps.

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  • Kerry Washington
    The "K" in "Kerry" stands for "killing it." The "Scandal" star rarely misses the mark, but this fresh-faced look in particular really pops, thanks to the bright, slightly sheer fuchsia lip color, which looks incredible on medium-dark skin tones. A wash of shimmery champagne shadow is all you need to impart that cheesily (but accurately!)-named candlelit glow.

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  • Kristen Bell
    Orange makeup gets a bad rap, which is why we're here to tell you to abandon your fears of the citrusy shade. Case in point: With just a light, dewy foundation and defined lashes, Kristen's glossy tangerine lips are flattering, not freakish, and ideal for summer beach days.

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  • Rose Byrne
    Party makeup doesn't have to mean over-the-top smoky eyes and lip colors not otherwise found in nature—Rose's softer, more subdued look is a perfect example of just how striking neutrals can be. If you're fair-skinned, a sweep of chestnut shadow and a meticulously-applied (go ahead, dust off that lip brush) rosy lipstick is all you need for a super sophisticated, '20s-inspired look.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence
    When done incorrectly, deep-set eyes can get lost in rings of dark liner, but Jennifer doesn't let that small fact deter her—and neither should you. Complement almond-shaped eyes by using a light, shimmery shadow on the browbone and lid before smudging black kohl into the entire perimeter of the eye, then finish off with a satiny nude lipstick for a super sultry look. You don't have to be a screen siren to look like one.

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  • Kristen Stewart
    For all of her tomboyish proclivities, Kristen Stewart sure does clean up nice when it comes to the red carpet. She's also a testament to the fact that you don't have to load up on lipstick to look pretty and pulled together—this shimmery lavender eye look, complete with curled lashes, groomed brows, and (gasp!) bare lips, is all a green-eyed girl needs to blow 'em away for every occasion.

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  • Jessica Biel
    If your look leans more garden party than black-tie gala, try Jessica's watermelon lipstick and flushed cheeks on for size. A red-leaning pink shade works double duty as a face brightener and optical teeth-whitener, while a rosy neutral blush applied with a fluffy angled brush defines cheekbones and warms all complexions. Feeling festive? A touch of silvery shadow at the inner corners widens eyes and makes a sweet, simple look more "finished."

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  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor's tinsel-y look is not for the faint of heart–or of makeup palette. For fair, blue-eyed girls with pink undertones, a dusky purple shadow accented with metallic silver and petal pink lips hits all the right notes. Use a larger, fluffy eye brush to apply dove grey shadow up to the browbone, and a smaller, stiffer brush to target inner corners for a precise, almost futuristic effect. Bring this ambitious look back down to earth with a creamy medium pink lipstick and a dusting of translucent powder.

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  • Rihanna
    If anyone knows a party, it's Rihanna, but this look is considerably more low-key than the songstress's favorite fire engine red lipsticks and ever-changing hairstyles. Add a flesh-toned matte lipstick, rosy blush, fully lined eyes, and a serious pair of falsies to put it all together, and you've got a face that screams both Cleopatra and, well, uniquely Rihanna.

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10 Party-Perfect Celebrity Makeup Looks


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