• Blondes may get the fun-loving rep, but if you ask us, there's nothing better than brown hair done right. With rich tones, shimmering highlights and glossy finishes, these brunettes are in a league of their own.

    Best Medium Brown Hair

    With the slightest highlights blended in, Selena Gomez's shiny brunette mane catches the light on the red carpet.

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  • Best Ombré

    Olivia Wilde's lighter-at-the-tips color features ash tones that suit her cool coloring.

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  • Best Chestnut Brown Hair

    Her pretty pink blush isn't the only thing that's giving Lily Collins' skin a glow. With just the slightest hint of red tones, her warm brown hair color enlivens her fair complexion.

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  • Best Reddish Brown Hair

    Kate Mara's glossy auburn locks give us serious color envy — and help to bring out her beautiful brown eyes.

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  • Best Golden Brown Hair

    Jessica Alba's colorist is a pro at painting on highlights. Ask yours to use the balayage technique for a similar effect.

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  • Best Chocolate Brown Hair

    Contrasted with her fair skin, Zooey Deschanel's dark brown hair gives her a Snow White sort of vibe.

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  • Best "Bronde"

    Jennifer Lopez's hue straddles the line between brunette and blonde, with a rich brown base shade boosted with golden highlights.

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  • Best Dark Brown Hair

    We love how Jennifer Hudson's coffee-colored hair gets slightly lighter — and warmer — at the ends.

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The Best Brown Hair Colors That Are Anything But Mousy

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The Best Brown Hair Colors That Are Anything But Mousy

From Olivia Wilde's cool-toned ombré to Kate Mara's glossy auburn, these brown hair colors are guaranteed to make a statement.

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