Brow Know How: Pluck, Wax or Thread?

Learn what type of brow hair removal is best for your hair type with these tips for makeup artist Carmindy.

tweezerman Brow Know How: Pluck, Wax or Thread?

Honestly, the never ending process of brow maintenance can be a pain. And with so many hair removal options, how do you know you are doing the right one?

If you have fine brows, tweezing is the way to go. Plucking allows you to take out one or two hairs at a time, giving you more control. This is perfect for ladies who don’t need too much grooming. Go for Tweezerman tweezers for flawless precision.

If you have thick brows, then waxing is definitely the way to go. This method can remove a large area of hair at once, but make sure you go to a real pro who won’t take off too much. If you tend to get red and bumpy post-wax, do it at the end of the day and not before anything important like a wedding, dinner or special occasion. To calm down redness, apply a cool compress to the area or mix a little tea tree oil with water and dab it onto sore areas.

If you have very hairy brows or if they grow straight down from the hairline, threading, a technique developed in ancient India, can be ideal for you. I’m always amazed at how flawless a woman’s brow looks after threading. They have some way of twirling the threads together and removing many hairs very quickly and the results are perfect. Ardell makes an excellent kit.

At the end of the day ladies, all hair removal methods a basically the same thing: a hair is being pulled from the follicle. And remember, no matter which method you use, it’s a myth that hair can grow back thicker, because follicles don’t multiply and only one hair sprouts from each follicle. But, if you wax, pluck or thread in the opposite direction that your hair grows, you could wind up with new growth going in the wrong direction, making facial hair appear thicker.

Keeping a great brow will ensure your eyes will be framed in loveliness!

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