News: Britney Spears’ Body Was Airbrushed in New Video; Marilyn Monroe Stars in Chanel Ads

Plus, learn how to become a YouTube star.

Britney Spears before and after

Visual effects studio HOAX, which edited Britney’s “Work B-tch” video, posted these before and after shots on their website.
Photos: via HOAX

First Kate Winslet’s Photoshopped Vogue cover, now this? Britney Spears‘ body was digitally slimmed down in her “Work B-tch” video, new before and after photos reveal. [StyleCaster]

Marilyn Monroe‘s famous quip about wearing only Chanel No. 5 to bed has earned the actress a Chanel campaign — over 50 years after her death. [Daily Mail]

Want to become a YouTube success? Here are tips from three major video beauty gurus. [Beauty High]

Make your blowout last for days with these helpful tips. [PopSugar Beauty]

Love learning new beauty tips as much as we do? Here are 4 makeup tricks you probably haven’t tried — but should. []

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