• We never thought we'd admit it: not all braids are Pinterest-worthy. Avoid the following braid faux-pas that have landed on the red carpet. You can thank us later. 

    Eva Longoria

    The actress' French braid sits on top of her head and finishes with a bun at the crown. It's voluminous for sure, but in a bad way. The hair in front just flops around. When braiding, you either want smooth and sleek or intentionally messy. Any in-between look, like this, just seems sloppy. 

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  • Hayden Panettiere

    A textured braid is gorgeous. A textured braid that makes the hair look greasy and frizzy, like Hayden's, should be dragged under a shower pronto. 

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  • Freida Pinto

    When creating a braided chignon, leave the bun at the nape of the neck, never on top of the head. Freida looks like she let a 10-year-old braid her hair. 

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  • Nicole Kidman

    We admit Nicole's beehive braid at Cannes was cool. Would we recreate it for a wedding? No. Not only is the shape unflattering (it makes her head look about two feet long in the back), but the overload of braids creates a nappy and unclean texture. 

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  • Rosario Dawson

    When creating a braided headband, leave some space between the headband and the hair line. Otherwise, you end up looking like you're wearing a beanie, like Rosario. 

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  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Heidi braids are tricky. Some come out gorgeous and others, not so much. Vanessa's drastic ombré makes the braid look like a clip-in extension. Although her braid is in fact real, this brings up a major braid no-no: when using extensions, they should always look real. 

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