Why We’re on the Outs With the Faux Braided Headband

Is Nicole Richie kidding us with this hairstyle?

Nicole Richie

Photo: Getty Images

We get it—not everyone has the skills or the hair length to pull off the headband braid. And that’s where the faux braided headbands comes in. Sold in brunette and blonde (with the occasional red), it’s almost impossible to find a shade that matches your hair color—who doesn’t have highlights, right? Plus, most aren’t made with real hair so they come off looking super fake and—we said it—tacky. 

Last night Nicole Richie wore a rope version of the trend, and we’re unsure whether the braid was intended to look real. (Does anyone else see a resemblance to a drape’s cords?) And again, it’s impossible not to notice the clear difference in hair color.

What do you think of the faux headband braid? For the real version, follow our peek-a-boo braid headband tutorial here.

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