• To celebrate Brad Pitt turning 50, we ranked the actor's best and worst hairstyles. The job wasn't easy, but someone had to do it.

    Sadly this disaster of a haircut was one he made recently. We hope it's for a movie and that it's only temporary.

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    We don't mind a little scruff, but back in 2002 his beard was so long and unruly he had beads put in. Not good.

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    While platinum hair is said to be the "it" hair color for 2014, it certainly wasn't the case in 1994 when he started sporting the look.

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    Oh no, not a mullet! Sadly the actor started wearing the style back when it was actually popular.

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    When your hair starts to look lighter than your skin, it's time to dial back on the peroxide. 

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    It's not so much that we mind the ultra-blonde hair, but we are opposed to matching one's hairstyle to their significant other.

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    Brad's hair in "Meet Joe Black" was perfection.

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    This is what we consider the perfect amount of scruff. We like 90s Brad!

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    We're not mad at this closely shaven hairstyle. 

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    1990 Brad was our very favorite.

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A Ranking of Brad Pitt’s Best and Worst Hairstyles


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