Real Girl Makeover: “I Want Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Color”

The result is pretty spectacular.


Photos: Ally Lindsay

Let’s face it: A majority of our hair decisions are based off of celebrity hairstyles. Whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence‘s new pixie or Emma Stone‘s red color, we look to celebs as inspiration for our next makeover. Our latest Real Girl Makeover was inspired by Kim Kardashian‘s bold blonde color. Our subject Amanda liked Kim’s hair, because it’s light without being flatly blonde or a traditional ombré and—most importantly—would require minimal maintenance.

We took Amanda to see Rick Wellman, the owner and color director at the Patrick Melville Salon, to work his coloring magic.

Photos: Ally Lindsay

Photos: Ally Lindsay

When it comes to taking naturally dark hair much lighter, the feat isn’t exactly an easy one. “The challenge when going dark to light is always removing dark color along with the underlying pigment,” explained Wellman. “Dark hair when lightened likes to get stuck in the red or orange brassy stage if not lightened enough. Yet if over lightened, it can look like skunk grey streaks. Creating that ideal balance of light strands that blends with the natural dark pigment is a job for professionals only.”

Once the color was finished, it was time to style Amanda’s new hair. Adam Maclay, a stylist and makeup artist at the Patrick Melville Salon, gave Amanda a voluminous blow out and created bouncy curls using a large barrel curling iron.


Photos: Ally Lindsay

To accent her new look, Maclay gave Amanda a bronze smoky eye using NARS The Multiple in Copacabana ($39, on the lids, followed by brown eyeliner and mascara. He paired it with a light pink lip, saying “a pinky/nude keeps the face appearing fresh and youthful.”


Photos: Ally Lindsay

Once Amanda got to see her brand new look, the reaction was amazing. She couldn’t stop smiling and touching her new blonde hair. “I love the contrast of dark and light. ”

A couple of weeks later the reaction was still positive. “I definitely like the way my face looks a lot more with the new color and feel like I can wear my hair even in a bun or ponytail and have it look cool. It’s pretty without being overdone. I like that.”

Photos: Ally Lindsay

Photos: Ally Lindsay

Photographer: Ally Lindsay
Colorist: Rick Wellman  
Makeup & Stylist: Adam Maclay
Salon: Patrick Melville Salon, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111, 212-218-8650

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