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Beyoncé Debuts Short Hair on Instagram; Shocks Fans

This new style is shorter than we've ever seen the singer wear.


Beyoncé's short hair

Beyoncé’s short hair, in a photo the singer posted to Instagram.

Major makeover: Beyoncé has short hair! The singer debuted a new pixie haircut on Instagram last night, to mixed reactions from her fans. Among the hundreds of thousands of likes her photos received, others said the 31-year-old star’s haircut looked too much like Rihanna‘s and lamented the fact that Bey will no longer be able to whip her long tresses onstage.

Beyoncé's short hair

The cut from another angle.

Beyoncé has had tons of different looks throughout her years in the spotlight, but we never thought we’d see her with short hair after making long, flowing blonde curls her signature.

Beyoncé's short hair

Will Beyoncé stick with her new look or go back to long extensions in time for her next performance on the Mrs. Carter World Tour? We’ll be waiting to see. One benefit of her newly cropped style: She won’t be able to get her short hair caught in any nearby fans.

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