The Best Highlighters For Gleamy, Gorgeous Skin

The Best Highlighters For Gleamy, Gorgeous Skin

Light up your look with these instant brighteners.

Lately, highlighter has gotten a bad rap. In this age of over-the-top contouring, highlighting can seem totally intimidating—clown white under the eyes isn’t the best look, unless you’re going to be ambushed by the paparazzi.

But highlighter isn’t just for super-dramatic makeup: even on bare skin, it’s the perfect way to add radiant shine where you want (rather than just where your sweat glands demand). The right highlighter immediately makes you look prettier, dewier and glossier—which, let’s face it, are all thing we want.

Adding highlights to your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, inner corners of the eyes and bridge of the nose is an instant makeover that brings out your bone structure and gives your skin a gorgeous glow. We’ve rounded up the best highlighters to light up your look…literally.

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