• But it's not just about tummy-sucking, butt-lifting undies—although those are awesome. There's also a new breed of high-tech body contouring clothing. Here are the new best body shapers. Try on new looks in the Makeover Studio!
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  • If a muffin top tummy is your biggest gripe, then get a hold of one of these pouch-reducing body suits. It's one of Spanx's most powerful compression pieces and the open-bust style makes it versatile to wear with any bra. It also slims the appearance of your hips and hikes up your butt. Available at spanx.com, $82. Try on new looks in the Makeover Studio!
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  • Consider these tights the hosiery equivalent to Skecher's Shape Ups. By incorporating resistance bands right into the fabric, muscles supposedly work a little harder and burn more calories. Skeptical? That's OK because the immediate results are really what makes these tights worth buying. The high waist streamlines the silhouette from tummy to thighs and does an amazing job of minimizing love handles. Available at shatobu.com, $38. Try on new looks in the Makeover Studio!
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  • Incorporating slimming technology directly into clothes is now all the rage and these shorts don't disappoint. Not only are they super affordable, but they have a stretch powernet lining that effectively minimizes love handles and flattens the tummy. The knit fabric is versatile enough to dress up or down. We just may pair these with black opaque tights and continue to wear them all winter long. Available at kmart.com, $5.99. Try on new looks in the Makeover Studio!
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  • If you have a muffin top tummy, these high tech jeans work miracles to flatten your stomach and prevent the dreaded love handle overflow that you get when you wear low-rise jeans. Their Lift Tuck Technology features a crisscross panel that flattens your stomach, lifts your curves and can reduce your appearance by a whole dress size. This fall, colored denim is a hot trend and their new Alisha Skinny Jean in Crimson Red and Electric Blue are super cute. Available at nydj.com, $104. Try on new looks in the Makeover Studio!
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  • Why wear an ordinary cami when you can sport one that'll actually flatten your tummy and slim your hips? The smartest thing about this design is that, unlike most shapewear tanks, the shaping starts just below the bra line so your breasts won't get squashed, which is neither flattering nor comfortable. Plus, the smooth fabric and thin straps make it really versatile to wear under practically anything. It's a no-brainer upgrade. Available at beauty.com, $28. Try on new looks in the Makeover Studio!
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The Best 5 Body Shapers

The Best 5 Body Shapers

Do you feel like no matter how hard you workout and diet, you’ll always have more jiggle than you want? Well, don’t despair. Even celebrities who are known for their rockin’ bodies, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, and Tyra Banks, feel the same way because they’ve gone on record praising the magical results of body shapers.

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