• We're all a little frazzled from fashion week madness, so we're taking a break with these cute cat pics (masked as beauty tips). Want to get the blood flowing to bring a little color to your cheeks? Start the morning with a few yoga poses, like child's pose or downward dog (though we take offense to the name).
    Photo: © maruthecat.tumblr.com
  • It's not easy to be this cute. Cats are slaves to their own vanity and have no problem taking multiple baths a day in front of strangers.
    Photo: © Garden Full Of Lily
  • You can't very well shake hands with a dirty paw, er, hand, which is why your nails should always be clean and trimmed.
    Photo: © Cat Chit-Chat
  • Any kitten knows the trick to looking your best is lots of beauty sleep. Heck, they make it a priority! So be sure to schedule yourself a good 8 to 19 hours of good cat napping time.
    Photo: The Fluffington Post
  • Ever see a cat turn down cat nip? No, you haven't. It's because they know eating greens will get them really high their coat glowing. So don't just pick at your broccoli. Roll around in it!
  • We've all been there; you went to the salon for a cute new cut, but instead you got hacked! Prevent this disaster by having a conversation with your stylist about what you want. Bring in pictures to further illustrate the look you're going for.
    Photo: © The Fluffington Post
  • If your hair has lost its bounce and your skin has lost its glow, you may be overworked. Take some time for yourself right meow!
    Photo: © The Fluffington Post


Beauty Lessons We Learned From Cats


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