• Don't hate us, but the nail art trend is getting tired. We love a well placed stripe or a unique take on the French tip, but when nails start to resemble a child's art project, it's time to scale it back. And speaking of nails... 4 Makeup Products You Should Never (Ever!) Use
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  • Can we all agree to kill the pointed nail tip trend? Stars like Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne helped make it popular, but it's time to let it go. We promise saying goodbye will result in fewer eye injuries. How to Tell If Your Nail Salon Is Clean and Professional
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  • We're all for using makeup to hide our imperfections, but it seems some celebs (ahem, Kim Kardashian) have been abusing their contour. It's one thing to make cheekbones seem higher or noses appear smaller, but it's another to make yourself look almost unrecognizable under all that makeup. The Makeup You Need for Perfect Skin This Fall
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  • Stars like Eva Longoria look stunning when they wear lashes, because it makes their eyes stand out from far away. Unfortunately, most people don't understand that this doesn't translate to everyday life. If you come into work wearing a couple layers of falsies, people are going to notice. And not in a good way. We say go for a great volumizing mascara instead. The Best Mascaras to Try Right Now
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  • We know the 90s are back in a big way, but let's leave the dark lipstick in the past. While it can be striking on the runway, it's just distracting in real life. Best Lipstick Looks to Wear This Fall
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  • We all want that healthy glow, but too many light-reflecting products can leave you looking like you need a blotting paper. Good rule of thumb: Keep the shine on the cheeks, not the chin and forehead. How to Prevent Your Foundation from Turning Orange
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