• We love our lipstick, but it isn't exactly a fail-proof product. Learn from these ladies, and see the five times lipstick went very, very wrong.

    That time it was all over Paris Hilton's teeth.
    Red lipstick is a staple, but it should be handled with caution. Always remember to blot!

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  • That time it was slightly grey.
    If Lindsay Lohan taught us anything, it's that your lipstick should always be brighter than your fake tan. 

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  • That time it disappeared. 
    We tend to reapply lipstick after one sip of water, so it's hard to believe Anna Faris forgot to reapply right before walking the red carpet. Oh, the shame! 

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  • That time lip liner and lipstick battled it out.
    Pam Anderson is the face of bad lip liner. Her photos serve as a constant reminder to put the dark lip liner away.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • That time it took over Kelly Osbourne's face. Today Kelly is known for her always gorgeous makeup and even has a collaboration with MAC, but let's not forget she wasn't always so great at applying lipstick (or eyeshadow for that matter).

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5 Times Lipstick Looked Really, Really Bad


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