• Hair extensions are a slippery slope, even for celebrities, who have the best in the business at their disposal. We're willing to give most bad extension offenders a pass for their transgressions—visible wefts happen to the best of us—but these instances are so bad, we just couldn't let 'em go.

    Pamela Anderson
    We can't fathom why Pamela would want to switch from her chic, newly shorn pixie cut to these outrageously bad extensions.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Paris Hilton
    Paris's glory days were rife with scandal and obvious, scraggly-looking extensions.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Lindsay Lohan
    This two-toned look is frankly more confusing than anything.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Christina Aguilera
    Christina is no stranger to questionable extensions (hello, Xtina), but this platinum mess is among her worst.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Britney Spears
    From visible wefts to cheap, plasticky ends, this weave hits all the wrong notes.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Taylor Momsen
    These may just be the most ridiculously long extensions we've ever seen.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Beyoncé
    Before Beyoncé could do no beauty wrong, she was just a young Destiny's Child member with budget extensions to match.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Nicole Richie
    Nicole has come a long way since the days of skunky extensions and in-your-face cleavage, but we'll always remember the simpler times.

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Celebrity Hair Extensions Gone Wrong


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