• Eyeshadow mistakes are probably the easiest to make and come with the biggest consequences. Even celebrities and their makeup artists are fallible when it comes to these makeup mishaps. 

    That time Leighton Meester applied hers with a heavy hand. 
    Remember the golden makeup rule: Start lightly and then build from there. 

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  • That time Christina Aguilera went matchy-matchy with hers. 
    Sometimes matching your eyeshadow to your clothes can come off a little too cutesy, but it's particularly ill-advised when what you're wearing is bright fuschia. 

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  • That time Drew Barrymore went neon with hers. 
    We're all for bright, bold makeup, but not when it means having people jump back in response. 

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  • That time it was a little too orange. 
    To us, Marion Cotillard can do no wrong, but this is one makeup look we hope she doesn't try again. 

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  • That time it reminded us of Rainbow Brite. 
    We know Elle Fanning was trying to go dramatic with her makeup, but it ended up looking like her eyes were trying to take off. 

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  • That time there was way too much of it.
    If you needed a reminder that too much eyeshadow can age you, well this is it. Hailee Steinfeld is only 17, but she looked much, much older when she went for the smoky eye look. 

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  • That time it looked like jaundice.  January Jones usually serves as our makeup inspiration, but this yellow-golden shadow made her look a little sick.

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7 Times Eyeshadow Looked Really, Really Bad


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