• There's a fine line between a good updo and a crazy or cheesy one, and not even celebrities are able to get it exactly right every single time. These stars—or their hairstylists, rather—fell slightly short in the updo stakes. Let's hope they've learned their lesson.

    Katy Perry
    Everything about this ridiculous updo—from the massive (obviously fake) bun to the way it pulls back tightly from Katy's hairline—looks wrong, not to mention uncomfortable.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Scarlett Johansson
    It looks like the Bride of Frankenstein got caught in a wind tunnel.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Pamela Anderson
    Pamela has done way worse, but this puffy asymmetrical updo certainly isn't doing her any favors.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Nicole Kidman
    Those bangs.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Kate Beckinsale
    Here's an example of an updo that's just way too large to suit anyone's head.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Kaley Cuoco
    We admire Kaley's bravery. If we were her, we wouldn't have dared to go straight from the gym to the red carpet.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Hilary Duff
    A good hairstyle should balance your features, not totally overwhelm them.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Helena Bonham Carter
    We can't fault Helena for having her own unique, wacky style, but this huge, sloppy updo definitely couldn't be worn by anyone else.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Eva Mendes
    There are a lot of different things going on here, but we'd argue for the case that the massive curly updo is the worst of it.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Denise Richards
    Now that's what they call a "bird's nest."

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Amber Heard
    We actually kind of like this big, fluffy updo, but that doesn't mean it isn't totally over the top.

    Photo: Getty Images


The 11 Worst Celebrity Updos


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