• There's a time and a place for almost everything, but some beauty looks just don't look good on anyone. We're begging the powers that be to finally retire these less-than-flattering hair and makeup looks before they claim more victims.

    Over-Plucked Brows
    We've all dabbled in thin, tadpole-esque brows, even Lauren Conrad, but there's not a single person who can actually pull them off, unless your objective is to look surprised at all times. Furthermore, over-plucking our brows is among our biggest beauty regrets—those babies aren't growing back.

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  • Brown Lipstick
    Everything about Emmy Rossum's look here is on point, except for that unattractive lipstick shade. Honestly, we're not sure why brown lipstick even exists.

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  • Overzealous Bronzer
    Bronzer is one of our favorite products, but there are so many ways it can go wrong. Case in point: Lindsay Lohan's heavy-handed approach, which results in what can only be described as a ruddy, dirty-looking face.

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  • Mullets
    Business in the front, party in the back, and sexy on nobody ever. Not even Scarlett Johansson can make this unfortunate hairstyle work.

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  • Washed Out Lips
    Nude lipstick is not to be confused with flesh-toned, a mistake Mary-Kate Olsen is all too familiar with. Whatever your skin tone, wearing a pale, corpse-y lip color is the fastest route to looking completely washed out.

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  • Heavy Foundation
    Nobody needs a thick layer of spackle, especially not Carmen Electra. We can't even begin to imagine how this must have looked in person. Rather than loading up on thick formulas for a mask-like finish, a lightweight foundation in conjunction with a full-coverage concealer will help you to avoid the one-dimensional wax figure effect.

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  • Stick Straight Hair
    It says it in Rachel Bilson's eyes: The early '00s were a rough time for everybody, but it wasn't as hard on anyone as it was on our hair. Super-smooth, overly flat-ironed hair is never a good look—your hairstyle should balance your features, rather than hang uselessly around your face.

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  • Heavy Eyeliner
    Somebody needs to confiscate Taylor Momsen's black eyeliner stash immediately. For some reason, rings of black liner—raccoon eyes!—are alarmingly common, especially among teens.

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  • Burgundy Hair
    Whose idea was it to pitch this strange, purple-leaning dark red as a good hair color? Unlike the blue or pink shades Demi Lovato sometimes opts for, burgundy hair doesn't scream "I'm unnatural!," it just sort of whispers it in an unsettling way. It doesn't matter what eye color or skin tone you have—it just doesn't look right.

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  • Baby Bangs
    Short, above-the-eyebrows bangs are trendy in certain circles, but they don't actually look good on anyone—they're just sort of there. Rooney Mara has made a "look" out of abbreviated baby bangs, but we much prefer her without them.

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  • Crispy Curls
    Every hair product has its place, including gel, but if you, like Carrie Underwood, have used so much that your hair is visibly crunchy, it might be time to take a step back.

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  • Over-the-Top Eyeshadow
    We commend January Jones for trying something different, but "adventurous" eye shadow like this will leave you looking like a panda, and not in a cute way.

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  • Lined Lips
    We love lip liner under lipstick, but when it's used to literally outline the lips, then we (and Fergie) have a problem.

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13 Beauty Looks That Aren’t Flattering on Anyone


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