AXE Excite Body Wash And Deodorant

Our resident Daily Dude reviews AXE's newest product line.

There’s been a boom in the male grooming industry as of late, and we have to say that men definitely get better commercials for their products. AXE’s “Clean your balls” commercials? We’ll take thinly veiled euphemisms over women looking like they’re experiencing the rapture from a shampoo any day! We took AXE’s new Excite collection straight to our resident Daily Dude to have him give the products a test drive. Here’s what he had to say:

AXE_Excite2 (Blog Post)

I’m definitely an AXE man. It’s safe to assume all guys by now have tried some sort of AXE product, or at the very least are familiar with the brand. They are one of the few brands that try to tackle the entire male hygiene department; one can make an entire male bathroom (Ed. note: Oh, boys! He means “toilette,” but we’re not sure he knows that word.) out of AXE products, which is what I did with the new Excite line.

Admittedly I was not always an AXE Man—I dabbled in many different companies but AXE sold me on a single product: the body detailer. This product solved the male loofah problem, and for that I have always kept a keen eye out for their products.

From the new Excite line I got the Body Wash, Body Spray, Gel and Solid Deodorant, and here is my review of each one:

Body Wash: 7/10
This stuff was pretty good, but lets be honest with each other guys: soap is soap. Every body wash no matter what the brand contains some type of Laurel Sulfate, which is the stuff that gets you clean. (Ed. note: Except sulfate-free lines, which do exist.) It all comes down to the proprietary scents offered by these companies now, and Excite has jumped onto my go-to list. It has a great scent characterized by what I can only describe as a light coconut. After using the product, it didn’t waft around me like taking a bath in cologne but if I were to put my arm close to my nose it was surprisingly still there—even hours later. Great stuff.

Deodorant: 9/10
I’m a gel deodorant wearer—always have been—and the biggest problem with gel deodorant is the ‘wet’ and ‘swishy’ feeling you get after applying it. AXE did a great job with the Excite deodorant, it smells just as good as the body wash but it does not leave you with that ‘wet’ feeling under your arms. On Day Two of my test, I had even forgot I had put it on a moment earlier and went to do it again, only to stop myself when I caught a whiff of that great coconut smell. The Excite gel deodorant has taken the place of my regular deodorant, which belongs to AXE’s biggest competitor.

Body Spray: 6/10
Guys, you killed body spray forever—it will never be what it could have been. Every time I smell body spray, I think back to high school gym and the terrible mixture of 10 different body sprays and profuse sweat that destroyed locker rooms everywhere. You cannot mask dirt and sweat with a spray; you need a shower. Having said that I was reluctant to try it out, but one morning instead of grabbing my go-to work scents, I lightly covered myself in the Excite body spray. It worked out pretty well; I constantly get compliments on my colognes and was worried this would ruin my reputation. It didn’t. In fact, as odd as it might sound, a girl I see pretty regularly asked if she could smell me. She even recognized that I was wearing an AXE branded scent, which I don’t like. Mystery is key to a good male scent. If you like wearing body sprays, give this one a go when you need to replace your current one.

Win It!
We’re offering three readers the chance to win products from AXE’s new Excite line! Simply leave a comment with your favorite scent for your guy, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win! Contest ends April 27, 2011 at 12 P.M. EST. Please read the full rules and regulations.

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