An alternative way to wake up in the morning

By no means am I a morning person. It takes two alarms and three cups of coffee (and sometimes a call from my mother for the really early wake up calls) to get me going in the morning. In fact I was drinking so much coffee in an effort to wake my sleepy self up that I started to get raging headaches and at one point began to oscillate in place.

“There has to be a better way…” I thought to myself.

Naturally going to bed earlier would probably help my situation but due to my fast paced and frenetic life, those extra 5 minutes of sleep are precious and non-negotiable.

Not willing to walk around with an IV of caffeine jabbed into my arm I decided to try Mentha Body Vitamin Body Wash from C.O. Bigelow. A friend of mine was raving about it. She was saying that she uses it after her workouts.

“Well,” I snarfed, “I don’t do that. But maybe it will help me wake up in the morning…”

During one of my many trips to the Cape Cod Mall I stopped by the Bath & Body Works to pick up a tube of the Mentha Wash. I also grabbed a bar of the exfoliating soap because I am a sucker for anything that claims to slough off my dry skin.

A few mornings later, after making out with a bottle of Malbec by myself, I grudgingly peeled myself out of bed and headed blindly into the shower. I turned the water on and stood while the hot water squirted out. I leaned my forehead against the wall; my brain felt like it was filled with styrafoam packing peanuts.

After massaging my Moroccan Oil Shampoo through my hair I decided to give the Mentha Body Wash a try. I grabbed the green tube and squirted some of the gel onto my pink shower pouf.

I immediately noticed a cooling sensation take over my body. The water coming out of my shower head was probably in the 70’s but it felt like there was a minty Arctic chill in the air.
I put the pouf up to my nose and inhaled the scent; I’m sure I looked like one of those cheesy Irish Spring commercials where the person’s eye balls bug out of their head but that is really how I reacted. I couldn’t believe how invigorating this product was. I had basically been a corpse before I got in the shower and now I was acting like the women in the Herbal Essence commercials. (Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeees!!)

I could totally see what my friend meant about this being a great product to rinse with after a gym workout. And if I ever join a gym again I will be sure to use it. But for now the C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body Vitamin Body Wash is my new caffeine!

c30ec bigelowmentha An alternative way to wake up in the morning

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