A Day In My Life On What Not To Wear

If you are a fan of <em>What Not To Wear</em> and want to know what really goes on behind the scenes during hair and makeup day, here is your sneak peek


I arrive at the studio.

If you are a fan of What Not To Wear and want to know what really goes on behind the scenes during hair and makeup day, here is your sneak peek!

I had my fabulous assistant Ashleigh document a day on the set of What Not To Wear so you can see how it all goes down. It’s total access for what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling!

I first arrive at the studio every week around 11 a.m. dressed and makeup ready. People often ask me if I do my own makeup and the answer is yes, of course I do! My hair on the other hand needs help so my gorgeous hairdresser Marilyn styles me up and gets me coiffed for camera.


My hairstylist Marilyn hooks me up.

I run in to say hello to the fabulous Ted Gibson before he leaves the studio after he has finished our makeover gal’s haircut. I then have a meeting with my executive producer and the director so they can brief me about our makeover subject and give me an outline of her life. Who she is, where she is from and the specific challenges she faces. The sound guy comes in to microphone me up and I then am ready to roll.

Everyone is in their place so I literally walk in and meet our gal for the first time on camera and what you see is in real time and totally natural. Nothing is rehearsed or planned so all of the emotions and reactions are true.


The incredible Ted Gibson

I can decide what look I will give her based on the chat we have and seeing her face-to-face. If she is a busy no-nonsense gal who never wears makeup, I will give her a 5 Minute Face. If she is a makeup junkie trapped in a rut, I will give her a saucy new look that is modern and fresh.

I also will encourage her to ask questions because I know all the women at home watching the program want to know as well and I only use my line of Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy products on all of the women on the show.


Teaching her the tricks.

After the final reveal where I spin her around to see her new self in the mirror I give her a quick hug and my part is done.

I always bump into the fabulous Stacy London and Clinton Kelly when they come in to film as I am running out.

All in all: Not a bad day at the office!

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