• So much of hair and makeup lies in trial and error—just because we like the look of something doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for us. Fortunately, these five beauty looks are so versatile and so universally flattering, they look good on anyone and everyone. Next time you're in a beauty rut, you know exactly where to look.

    Feline Eyes
    There's a reason cat eyes are a classic—the alluring look can be adapted to any eye shape, and it's super easy once you get the hang of it. Depending on the thickness of the line and wing, cat eyes can be dramatic for night looks or fresher and more casual, like on Emma Stone.

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  • Berry Lips
    Nobody thinks they can pull off darker lipstick until they actually try it out, but rich plum and berry shades, like this one on Miranda Kerr, are actually flattering to every complexion.

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  • Half-Up Hairstyles
    For those with medium-length or long hair, a hairstyle that's pulled back on the sides and left hanging loose in the back is pretty and romantic on everyone. You can leave out bangs or long layers in the front to soften the features and draw attention to the cheekbones—try curling loose tendrils like Jessica Chastain.

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  • Defined Brows
    A transformative brow look doesn't have to be dramatic or "bold." Just look at Emma Roberts, whose natural-looking, filled-in brows complement her neutral makeup perfectly. Try a brow powder applied lightly with an angled brow brush.

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  • Tightlining
    It may not seem like Zoe Saldana has much makeup on her eyes, but they look perfectly defined and provide the perfect counterpoint to her bold red lip, thanks to tightlining, an eyeliner technique that involves using a super-soft pencil or gel liner to get right into your inner lash line. It makes eyes pop without the look of obvious makeup.

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5 Beauty Looks Anyone Can Wear


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