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3 Beauty Resolutions To Keep This Year

Want better skin, better health and an all-over glow? Kick off 2013 with Carmindy's top three beauty resolutions.

Make taking off your makeup a nightly habit

Want better skin this year? Make taking off your makeup a nightly habit.
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Each New Year, most of us make up a long list of resolutions as a promise to ourselves to break old habits, try something new or accomplish fresh goals. Unfortunately, most of us start off with a bang and end in a whimper. This year, totally dedicate yourself to being the most beautiful and healthy you and live your life accordingly. It’s not as hard as you think! Jumpstart a new routine and stay just as consistent to it as brushing your teeth. My top three beauty resolutions will help you look and feel better about yourself in a month’s time, so it will be easier than ever to keep up with the good habits all year long.

1. Beautify from the inside out.
Start eating nutrient-rich foods to boost your complexion. Incorporate more fresh foods that contain skin helpers, like berries (loads of antioxidants), salmon (omega-3 fatty acids), sweet potatoes (vitamins E and C), avocados (vitamin B), almonds (vitamin E), hot peppers (vitamin C) and kidney beans (hyaluronic acid). It’s easy to just toss a few of these things into a smoothie or a salad once a day to get ahead of the aging game.

2. Stick with a skincare routine.
Starting this year, never ever go to bed without taking care of your complexion. Most women come to me with skin complaints, and you would be surprised how many tell me they don’t have a nightly beauty routine. Many fall asleep in their makeup, or only clean their faces in the morning. This is a total no-no and a bad habit that needs to be broken immediately. No matter how tired you are at night, make sure to always wash your face for clean skin, apply a serum to fight aging, and follow with moisturizer so the skin can rehydrate and look glowing the next day. You don’t need to wash your face again in the morning; just reapply a moisturizer and sunscreen (or try a one-step BB or CC cream) and you’re good to go.

3. Feel gorgeous every day.
In 2013, commit to giving yourself an extra few minutes in the morning to perform the ancient feminine rite of beautifying yourself. Apply my simple 5-Minute Face to enhance your natural beauty so you can run out the door looking and feeling on top of your game. Start off with foundation and a little under eye concealer. Next, Carmindize your self by applying a cream highlighter on the brow bone, on the inner corners of the eyes and on the tops of your cheekbones. Dust on a little face powder, and line the upper lash line with a pencil. Apply a sweep of mascara on the top lashes, and then swirl on blush to the apples of the cheeks. Slick on a tinted balm, gloss or lipstick, and you are ready to roll.

Make the commitment to eating right, caring for your skin and sticking with a quick beauty regimen each day, and you can accomplish a gorgeous new you in 2013!

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