• This proves once again that men and women think completely differently...
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  • Candice is a Victoria's Secret model, so it's expected that she would end up on a men's fantasy list. Just remember, boys, it is a fantasy. No one looks like this in real life. Get a new look in our Makeover Studio!
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  • Do you think it was Rihanna's latest tattoo that won the men over? While she may not have made our top 10 list, it certainly doesn't hurt that she has famous friends like Jay-Z and Beyonce. Try on Rihanna's look in the Makeover Studio!
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  • This is where we really get confused. We keep hearing everyone (men in particular) complain that the Kardashians are everywhere, yet here Kim is in the number 8 spot. Is it because she's single again? Maybe the voters will re-think this choice after watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim's a little high maintenance. Try on Kim's look in the Makeover Studio!
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  • We get that Scarlett is considered beautiful and sexy and likes to take topless photos of herself, but she left Ryan Reynolds heartbroken. If it were up to us, she wouldn't make the cut. Try on Scarlett's look in the Makeover Studio!
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  • Finally a contender we can get behind! Not only is Emma gorgeous, but she never takes herself too seriously. Wonder if it was Jim Carrey's Youtube confession of love that inspired AskMen.com readers to admit their attraction. Try on Emma Stone's hairstyle in our Makeover Studio!
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  • Somehow we don't believe it's her rapping skills that men are after. As much as they may love Barbie's backside, they should remember that she has an alternate personality named Roman, and every time they kiss her, they will also be kissing him. Try on Nicki's hairstyle in the Makeover Studio!
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  • We love that men can appreciate a woman who is a good mother and breastfeeding advocate. Wait, that is why they chose Miranda Kerr, right? Try on a new look in the Makeover Studio!
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  • Don't get us wrong. We definitely would have included Rooney in our Top 99 Women list, but we just were surprised guys did. They must have not seen what she did to the man in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Try on a new look in our Makeover Studio!
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  • We suppose Kate Upton could be considered hot, but only if you find that blonde hair, blue-eyed, conventionally beautiful type appealing. Try on a new hairstyle in the Makeover Studio!
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  • The #1 pick for 99 Top Women was such a nice surprise! We always love the fact that an older woman can be considered sexy. It can be a little depressing to only see barely legal girls make men's top 10 list. Try on Sofia's hairstyle in the Makeover Studio!
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10 Hottest Celebrities, According to Men

10 Hottest Celebrities, According to Men

Find out which celebrities nabbed the top 10 spots on AskMen.com's annual Top 99 Women list!

AskMen.com polled over one million men on which female stars they found hottest for their annual Top 99 Women list. We were surprised by quite a few of their picks for hottest celebrities.

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